Chapter 1 Research Paper Statement Of The Problem Example


communicating in English. Many students prefer to keep quiet in class forfear that when they speak, they might commit errors in grammarpronunciation, and that their classmates might laugh at them.


This isalarming most especially when a student is in an Oral Communication classand the whole semester slips away without a word from a very shy student.English 3 which is Oral Communication at the New Era Universityaims at making every student gain confidence in oral communicationthrough practice. To achieve this end, the researcher developed a dramaproduction-based module as a means to improve their oral communicationskills in English.


Drama production could prove to be a very good vehicle toexpose students to oral communication practice.No one perhaps can question the universal appeal and impactdrama can make. Drama sparks wonder that creates a multitude of humanreactions such as imagination, self-expression, social awareness,independent and analytical thinking, and communication. This is why dramais a tool widely used in education for better understanding of varioussubjects in all levels.In the words of Evans (1982), “Drama provides opportunities forpupils to use a variety of purposes.” She adds that drama also provides arealistic context for talk which gives students opportunity to debate, deduce,plan, and persuade. Furthermore, dram techniques according to her can:1.Make the easily forgotten memorable;


Demonstrate communication in its fullest and truest sense;


Encourage active and discriminating observation andlistening;


Allow the less academically-able potential scope forsuccess, which may inspire grater confidence generally;


Encourage a more sensitive awareness of the humanrelationships at the heart of literature, and thus hopefullyof life.Drama production activities utilized well may prove to be of significant help to the acquisition of effective oral communication – the goalof every oral communication class.


 The rationale (The problem in more details)


 The rationale (the solution to the problem)

3Sample 1

Просто позор. - Могу я для вас что-нибудь сделать. Клушар задумался, польщенный оказанным вниманием. - Если честно… - Он вытянул шею и подвигал головой влево и вправо.

 - Мне не помешала бы еще одна подушка, если вас это не затруднит.


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