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The Shawshank Redemption is a masterpiece of literature and cinematography. Its author is Stephen King, and its film director is Frank Darabont. The book has once immersed lots of generation which continue to reread it several times and understand its meaning from different angles. The same popularity was waiting for the movie after its premiere, and the film was a huge success. It belongs to that rare category of first-class projects which allows the viewers to experience a lifetime. Throughout the whole plot, the audience is waiting in suspense and is worried about the destiny of main characters. This movie is penetrated with an avalanche of philosophical ideas, thoughts. In this The Shawshank Redemption analysisessay example we will investigate the question of inmates’ freedom perception and the ironic similarity of real world and cruel prison life portrayed in the fil

Two main characters Andy Dufresne along with the man called Red have lots of time in prison to share their thoughts about freedom. They begin perceiving prison as not a place where criminals live but a place where life cannot be possible. Their conversations are always full of metaphorical meanings. Red and the innocent Andy are not sure whether “life sentence” is the idea that is connected with “life” because this prison is only connected with existing. The only thing which links the criminals’ life with the real world is a poster. It is not only the indicator of outer changes but a slight measure between prison and freedom. There is a symbolic meaning of that poster because freedom is achievable even under the most complicated circumstances. All we have to do is to give it a chance and try. Andy is not afraid of trying, and it helps him to receive the desired. Also, there is a symbol of a bird which is hidden in one of the criminal’s pocket. The bird which symbolizes freedom and peace dies due to cruel live conditions. It means that the place where people are meant to become better is doomed to worsen everyone who gets there.

Irony is used by both the authors and film director to illustrate the similarity of real world and prison. Viewers and readers can understand how some situations refer to our everyday life. Red’s words about the cruelty of Shawshank, its injustice remind people about the real life which is also full of prejudice that makes people aggressive. Another example is that criminals who are imprisoned for stealing money admit how useless money is there. This sounds ironic because sometimes people fight for those things which turn out to be totally unnecessary in the end.

The author aims at inspiring people to be kinder to one another. The protagonist is an example of a person who can become happy without anybody’s help. Andy Dufresne has experienced cruelty and lie. However, he manages to pull himself together and fight with these negative phenomena alone though being in prison. War between Andy’s personality and system of gross Shawshank has started, and Andy does not lose but becomes a winner by running away from the injustice.

The Shawshank Redemption show a story about prisoners, guards and the other inmates. This film raises a whole concept of a person’s life, the significance of freedom, and the ironic sense of life. The question is how people treat their surrounding, and how they treat one another. If there is a little bit more kindness in this world, it is likely that the innocent don’t get in prison and that even prisoners are treated in a humanlike manner.


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