Internet Marketing Dissertation

Like everything else that fell in its domain, Internet has transformed marketing as well. With added concerns of security and privacy came the unprecedented reach to new market segments. Consumers from around the globe could now be reached and told about products. Now, more and more companies are hiring marketers who specialise in online marketing, which is also called Internet marketing. To fill this room more and more graduates are coming out of universities every term, and I thought it was high time I made you a list of some good online marketing dissertation topics.

So, here we are.

Online Marketing Dissertation Topics

Digital marketing and product customisation: A case study of iPhone

Consumers’ perception and online purchasing of groceries: The myth of control

Global reach via the Internet: A case of British fashion retailers

The evolution of marketing models online: Selling like Amazon

Localisation and digital marketing: How much is enough?

Social Media Marketing Dissertation Topics

To be or not to be: How important is social media presence for firms?

A matter of ethics: Does sponsored advertising on social media take away consumers’ freedom of choice?

Consumer awareness: Is social media more potent than older conventional means of communication?

Social media presence: Why do companies with B2B models maintain it?

The factor of peer pressure in successful social media marketing of British fashion SMEs

Mobile Marketing Dissertation Topics

Mobile marketing and opportunity: A case of info brands

The truth about consumer espionage: Are mobile apps keeping track of us?

CRM in mobile marketing: Practices of the British private banking sector

Mobiles and the vice of spam messages: Studying practices of network providers

Marketing mix and the age of mobile marketing: How many Ps are still relevant?

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When I started writing this post, I decided I should include both social media marketing and mobile marketing dissertation topics in my list for online marketing dissertation titles. They complement one another and this step, well, made my job easier.

Let me know if you picked any of my topics in the comments below. I’d like to know.

List of Solid Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics

Welcome to the world of the dissertation topic selection! This exciting challenge marks the end of many years of study and gives you the opportunity to truly showcase your knowledge on the topic and develop a top quality dissertation. Here are several topics that will help you to get started on your research and writing to truly showcase your achievements in your area of study.

  1. Impact of social media on digital marketing strategies for major corporations – With the influx of social media and the instant availability of large amounts of data, major corporations are forced to change and respond more quickly. This goes against the normal cumbersome decision making process and forces quick responses to take advantage of marketing opportunities.
  2. Digital asset management strategies for digital marketing – Maintaining brand recognition with a digital marketing strategy can be a challenge for any company big or small. A solid digital asset tool or strategy is needed to ensure that your brand is consistent worldwide and digital assets are available to your worldwide marketing team.
  3. Discuss the benefits to localization within a digital marketing strategy – How much localization is truly required for a digital marketing strategy to be truly effective in a worldwide market?
  4. Gathering marketing data and digital footprints of visiting customers – Is there an ethical consideration that must be balanced when we track visitors to our website and follow their key strokes, landing page, time on page and even mouse movements?
  5. Targeted digital marketing strategies, should the customer have a say? – Our digital marketing strategy is focused on providing a personalized shopping experience for every customer who arrives but what if the customer prefers to remain anonymous? Should we ask the customer’s permission to snoop through their digital data?
  6. Developing digital assets with a collaborative marketing team – Developing a digital asset within a marketing team can become a catastrophic mess if controls are not put in place. There needs to be a line of authority on who can make changes, change and revision tracking and approval and branding process to finalize the digital assets for use.

Surviving it today’s new digital marketing world requires an adjustment in our way of thinking. With the new tools available it is possible to overstep our bounds with the customer and invade their privacy. Any of the above topics will provide a solid digital marketing dissertation topic to conclude your studies and show your knowledge on this topic.


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