Cjus 340 Research Paper

Cain v AbelCain and Abel where in instructed by God to sacrifce the frst oFerings to Him as an atonement ±or their sins. Cain brought God ±ruit ±rom the felds and Abel brought the frstborn ±aTed lambs. God ±ound ±avor with Abel’s oFering but do not look with ±avor on Cain’s oFering. Cain became very angry and Killed Abel.Classical criminology says that humans are ±undamentally ra²onal and behavior results ±rom ±ree will (Schmalleger 26).I would have to say that Classical criminology fts this scenario. Cain become angry with Abel and made a conscience decision to kill Abel. O± course there were no criminal laws then so Cain does not know thepunishment so there is no deterrent. But in the end God banishes Cain and marks him so that no man will kill him[Chr14]Cain killing Abel fts this neoclassical criminology as well, “the dynamics o± character development, and the ra²onal choices that people make as they are ±aced with opportuni²es ±or crime [Sch].” Cain in my

RESEARCH PAPER2IntroductionThere is no evidence with regard to the effectiveness of creative sentences in determining crime as compared to other sorts of punishments. Public punishments are entirely harassing, and could be harsh especially if extended to a vulnerable group; the young people. Customized punishments end up undermining the effectiveness of the justice system. The courts especially the Supreme Court should reverse the shameful trend of punishment. In medieval periods, shamewas completely embraced as a form of punishment for petty offenders. The criminal in cost communities, was placed in a stock and a wooden frame used to confine the offender’s ankles. Other holes were used to secure their wrists. Theft was considered a very serious crime, but punished through humiliating acts which were viewed as effective by other members of the community. The stocks in which the offenders were placed were in central locations, which would either be a village or in a market place. The crime was posted over people’s heads for all people to see. Outraged villagers would in most cases, throw things at the offender including rotten eggs, fruit and vegetables. Some would even go to the extent of spiting at the criminal. Public humiliation may deter the offender from committing another crime, but is a very good way of inhibiting improvement of self-worth and esteem. Shaming petty offenders needs to be abolished in the society as a whole. The rationaleShaming as a way of punishment has been widely used in homes, schools, prisons and in the public but the general area of concern is the Juvenile. There have been reports that one of the popular ways used in juvenile correctional facilities as punishment is shame. Research is needed to make sure that ways on finding a solution to shame as a way of punishment is found. No one would ever want to be humiliated; whether a minor or an adult. The act is traumatizing and it


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