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Doctoral Dissertations in International Education


This folder contains the doctoral dissertations of students in the International Education doctoral program in the College of Education.

During the nearly 50 year existence of the doctoral program in International Education at UMass Amherst almost 300 students have successfully completed their doctoral degrees. The majority of their dissertations will be available here.

The topics of these dissertations reflect the experience and research interests of the students. They also provide a good indicator of the commitment of CIE and its associated degree program to working with education of all kinds, especially in challenging or emergency contexts.

Dissertation abstracts from 1971-2008, indexed by author, topic, and country can be found in the document link here. http://scholarworks.umass.edu/cie_diss/1/.


Dissertations from 2012


Goals, Principles, and Practices for Community-Based Adult Education Through the Lens of A Hatcher-Assagioli Synthesis, Andrea Shepard Ayvazian


The Role of Education in an Historically Challenging and Politically Complex Environment: The Response of Public Universities to the September 11 Attacks, Nigar J. Khan


Place and the Politics of Knowledge in Rural Bolivia: A Postcoloniality of Development, Ecology, and Well-Being, Karen Marie Lennon


Mitigating Negative Externalities Affecting Access and Equity of Education in Low-Resource Countries: A Study Exploring Social Marketing as a Potential Strategy for Planning School Food Programs in Malawi, Martha Magreta-Nyongani


Can Free Primary Education achieve universal primary education? A study of the intersections of social exclusion, gender and education in Kenya, Judith A Obiero


A Professional Development Program for the Mother Tongue-Based Teacher: Addressing Teacher Perceptions and Attitudes Towards MTBMLE, Rebecca J. Paulson Stone


Demand- Side Financing In Education: A Critical Examination of a Girls' Scholarship Program in Malawi- (Case Study), Abraham Sineta


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