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OHSU strives for excellence in education, research and scholarship, clinical practice and community service. Through its dynamic interdisciplinary environment, OHSU stimulates the spirit of inquiry, initiative and cooperation among students, faculty and staff.

Our educational environment is dynamic and interdisciplinary, promoting inquiry and cooperation among students and faculty. Our classrooms take many forms--the traditional school room, a patient's bedside, an inner city or rural clinic, an Oregon beach, a biomedical research laboratory, a shelter for the poor or a home for the elderly.

School and Program Admission Information

For information about the schools offered programs, pre-requisite requirements, and application deadlines, please review the following admission sites for each program.  For a complete list of all Degree Programs please visit our Find a Degree Program site.

School of Dentistry Admission

DMD Program
Advanced Education Programs
Dental Career Exploration Programs

School of Medicine Admission

MD Program
Graduate Studies
Physician Assistant Program
Combined Degree Programs

School of Nursing Admissions

Continuing Education

College of Pharmacy Admissions

Doctor of Pharmacy joint program with Oregon State University

OHSU-PSU School of Public Health Admissions

Masters' Degrees
Dual Degrees

Become a nurse leader at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)

Nursing students develop leadership skills at OHSU through engagement in evidence-based learning and interprofessional education and practice. These skills are applied in a variety of academic and clinical settings;for example:

  • Communities (schools, community service agencies, health clinics, homes)
  • Outpatient and transitional care clinics
  • Hospitals (critical care, medical surgical units, operating rooms, emergency departments)
  • Research labs 

Academic Health Center

OHSU is the state's only academic health center and offers a wide variety  of services and programs. OHSU provides the state's most comprehensive health care, educates the next generation of outstanding clinicians and biomedical researchers, and supports achievement of meaningful scientific breakthroughs and innovations. Students get first-hand experience with clinical specialties and complex treatment of diseases and health-related problems within a magnet system of hospitals and clinics. 

Why OHSU School of Nursing? 


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