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I would define art as transferring creativity and imagination into tangible manifestations, whether it is music, paintings, sculptures, drawings, portraits, or dance. Art comes in many colors, themes, sizes, styles, and forms. Much of this, I think, is due to the individual artist’s social interaction, ethnic and cultural background, and social status. This could’ve held true for the past as well, but in today’s world, the amount of time exposed to informational media
(television/radio news, computers with internet access) have to be added to the list of influences. I believe that all these can have an influence or impact on how a contemporary artist of today may express him/her self. The great masters of art from the…show more content…

The chandelier is made from used tricycle, lampshade made from welding masks and horseshoes, bicycle and decorations made from used iron. All these items are unique and practical, and the most important thing is they are all free of charge (Thompson Reuters).
This is a prime example of what fine art fanciers may consider distasteful, for it is not aesthetically pleasing, but its crude creativity is intriguing. The objects he created were practical and by using discarded materials, he was doing his part to help the local environment. Although Tito’s creations are not beautiful, people who promote Green practices would appreciate what he has done.

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There are many things that can be characterize as a work of art, all of which include the feelings and moods it evokes, the thoughts and questions it induces, and the affect it has on the senses when the art is experienced, whether it be visual, tactile or auditory. Visual art consists of paintings, frescos, and more recent than former times, photography. Visual art can have the power to grab the imagination and transport the observer into the painting itself, depending on how intriguing and alluring the image or scene may be. There are many paintings throughout history that seem to possess this ability. In Diego Velasquez’s painting, Las Meninas (Maids of Honor), he creates a stirring, uneasy feeling

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

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  • 1975.1.369

  • 19.76.3

  • 51.90

  • 17.142.2

  • 17.142.3

  • 10.45.1

  • 17.142.1

  • 2000.328a,b


Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History


A Bear Walking


Head of a Woman in Profile to Lower Left


Head of the Virgin in Three-Quarter View Facing Right


Allegory on the Fidelity of the Lizard (recto); Design for a Stage Setting (verso)


The Head of a Grotesque Man in Profile Facing Right


Head of a Man in Profile Facing to the Left


Compositional Sketches for the Virgin Adoring the Christ Child, with and without the Infant St. John the Baptist; Diagram of a Perspectival Projection (recto); Slight Doodles (verso)


Studies for Hercules Holding a Club Seen in Frontal View, Male Nude Unsheathing a Sword, and the Movements of Water (recto); Study for Hercules Holding a Club Seen in Rear View (verso)


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