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Joseph Fama, imprisoned for the death of Yusuf Hawkins in a racial shooting in Bensonhurst, argues for his innocence in letters to a reporter, while the prosecutors from the case dispute his contentions.

Joseph Fama when he was 18-years-old. Photo: Associated Press

One day last August, I opened an envelope with a return address from Clinton Correctional Facilty. It contained a 14—page letter from Joseph Fama, the first of many I would ultimately receive. As many New Yorkers may remember, Fama was the “trigger man” convicted in one of the most traumatic racial crimes of recent city history. His letters brought me back to the tense and divided New York of 1989, when angry protestors filled the streets calling justice in the slaying of a 16-year-old black teen Yusuf Hawkins, who had been shot while shopping for a used car in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bensonhurst.

In May of 1990, after a trial that drew national media coverage, Fama was convicted of second-degree murder for the killing of Hawkins and was sentenced 32 and 2/3 years to life. Now, 23 years later, after exhausting all of his legal options, Fama continues to proclaim his innocence, saying that he is not the man who fired the fatal shots on that hot summer night in Brooklyn.

“I was railroaded,” Fama said from the visiting room of Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, N.Y., where he has been for the majority of his sentence. As he entered the room, the five-foot-eight Fama wore a crisply ironed beige shirt, long pants and glasses.

How I came to be visiting Fama is a story within this larger story. For my last assignment in my Writing and Reporting class at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, I decided to write about follow-up on the Hawkins murder. I was inspired to reach out to Fama after we had a guest speaker, Brian McDonald, J School alumnus who wrote a book on the Cheshire, Connecticut murders. On July 23, 2007, Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her two daughters were murdered during a home invasion in their upscale suburban neighborhood. During the lecture, McDonald explained that, as part of his research, he had written letters to the convicted murderers. “You may only have one chance to write to an inmate,” he said. Taking his advice, I mailed the short yet extensive letter. Then, a week later, to my disbelief, Fama wrote back.

“You are not the first person to ask about my case from your university,” Fama wrote in his first letter to me on August 22, 2012, the day before the 23rd anniversary of the shooting. “I have gotten many letters from different colleges. I have answered none. You will be the first… It’s always this time of year I receive letters from journalists.”

On August 23, 1989, Hawkins, and three of his friends from the largely black neighborhood of East New York went to look at a used 1982 Pontiac for sale across Brooklyn in the predominately Italian-American section of Bensonhurst. When they got off the subway, the boys approached Twentieth Avenue, where they were met by an angry mob armed with bats. The mob was waiting for other minority teens to come to a birthday party that Gina Feliciano, 18, was having. Feliciano was the ex-girlfriend of Keith Mondello. Four shots were fired and Hawkins fell to the ground. He was rushed to Maimonides Hospital and was pronounced dead upon arrival.

16-year-old Yusuf Hawkins. Photo: The New York Times

A few letters and interviews with lawyers after my initial contact from Fama, I decided I wanted to make the trip to upstate New York and visit the man portrayed as a racist monster for all these years. After seven hours of driving from my Long Island home, I approached the picturesque town of Dannemora, N.Y. I couldn’t help but notice beautiful Lake Champlain and the perfectly painted mountains, but as I became closer to the maximum security prison this huge wall took over the beautiful scenery. The wall, about 30-feet high, surrounds the front of the prison. I parked my car and made my way into the first of security checkpoints. After an hour of waiting, I.D. checks and metal detectors, I was able to come face to face with Fama.

Eight teens faced charges in Hawkins’s killing, but only four were convicted. The most attention gathered around Fama, then 18, and Mondello, then 19. Mondello was later convicted of being the leader of the mob that set upon the four African-American teenagers.

After the jury deliberated for 11 days, Fama was convicted of murder in the second degree – that is, murder as a result of acting with “depraved indifference.” This was the longest jury deliberation in New York City for a homicide case at the timeUnder New York State law, depraved-indifference murder means that a defendant acted with a “callous disregard for human life,” resulting in the victim’s death. Fama was found not guilty of first-degree – intentional, premeditated —  murder because the jury could not be certain that he fired the fatal shots. The gun was never found. He was sentenced to 32 and 2/3 years to life.

During the Mondello trial, Feliciano’s mother, Phyllis D’Agata, testified that she saw an outline of a gun in Mondello’s pants just before those fatal shots were fired. According to a New York Times report, she also testified that she heard a conversation from her second-floor window between Mondello and Joseph Serrano. She told the court that she had heard Mondello say, ”Let’s club the niggers,” and then heard Serrano respond, ”Let’s not club the niggers. Let’s shoot them and show Gina.” In cross-examination of D’Agata, Stephen Murphy, Mondello’s lawyer, said there were some inconsistencies in various accounts she had given.

Mondello was acquitted of murder, but the jury convicted him of rioting, unlawful imprisonment, menacing, discrimination and possession of a weapon. He was sentenced to 5⅓ to 16 years in prison, but later had his sentence reduced to four to 12 years and was paroled in 1998 after serving eight years at the Attica Correctional Facility. There were two separate juries for Fama and Mondello because legal rules require that some of the prosecution’s evidence could not be used against both defendants.

John S. Vento was charged with rioting and served eight years behind bars. Pasquale Raucci was convicted of unlawful imprisonment and given community service in result from his charge with unlawfully possessing a weapon; the other convictions were dropped. Serrano was found guilty of possession of a bat and sentenced to 150 hours of community service. The other three men — Charles Stressler, James Patino and Steven Curreri — were acquitted of all charges.

During my interview with Fama, he said there was not enough strong reliable evidence to convict him, but in a recent interview with Brooklyn Ink, the lead prosecutor on the case rebutted. “You have to go where the evidence takes you, we charged everybody that we could legitimately charge with the evidence we had,” said Paul Burns, executive assistant district attorney in charge of trials. “In a case like that, you will hear complaints from both sides, some people will say that it’s outrage that anyone was convicted and arrested, and other people are going to say they should have arrested 20 or 30 people. But you can only charge the people that you have evidence against.”

Two of the three alternative jurors on the panel  told the New York Times in 1990 they would have acquitted Fama of murder. “The three strongest witnesses for the prosecution were not believable, and that would give me reasonable doubt,” said alternate juror Gloria Weinrich. Fama agrees and pointed out many things he believes to be inconsistencies in his case and has since appealed eight times exhausting all of his legal options.

The main witness in the case was Franklin Tighe. Tighe said he saw Fama shoot Hawkins, but Tighe also had a long history of mental illness, which the prosecutor in the case acknowledged in a recent interview with the Brooklyn Ink.  “Tighe identified Joey as the shooter,” Burns said. “But he did have a long history of mental illness… a stack of records, that was very high. He had been in and out of various institutions and treated for various illnesses. And given different psychotropic drugs to treat them. But that was all disclosed to the defense.”

“One of the things jurors have to do is they have to access credibility, they have to say, ‘Do I believe this person?’” said Jonah Bruno, deputy director of public information for the Brooklyn District Attorney.

Two other witnesses in the case were two well-known jail-house informants, Robert Russo and Charles Brown, also known as “Cee Cee.” Both had informed in other cases.

When asked in a recent interview about Russo, Fama said, “I say ‘liar’ because that is what he is. I just met this guy and the officers were telling everyone to stay away from Russo because he worked for the D.A.’s office. So why would I confess to him? Makes no sense.”

Burns responded by saying, “Trusting someone in jail: that is a question for the jurors. Robert Russo comes in and has a lot of baggage, has a long criminal record, which we disclosed to the defense. He was a convicted con artist and swindler with a long criminal career. Joey had talked to him while they were incarcerated together. So we wanted to use the statements that Joey Fama said to Robert Russo.”

Fama says he never confessed to anything while incarcerated. During his time in the protective custody unit of the Brooklyn House of Detention in September of 1989, Russo said Fama admitted “he popped him because he was a nigger.”

Judge Owens refused to allow a witness, Al Russo, to testify about a conversation he said he had with his son in September. Russo would have testified that his son Robert told him that ”he was looking to make a deal and would lie if he had to to make that deal,” David DePetris, Fama’s defense lawyer, told reporters in 1990. And in a letter from James E. Kohler, former deputy district attorney, to Pilar McDermick, who was the senior counsellor for the Eastern Correction Facility, he said that Russo “gave testimony that was most helpful in the prosecution… therefore, I recommend that he be considered for a work release program.” The letter was dated September 11, 1990.

Mike McAlary, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, wrote about Charles Brown, the second prison informant. in an article titled “Under new suit, same old Cee Cee.” The article in the Daily News which ran April 20, 1990 said that “Cee Cee’s jailhouse confessions were legend.” In Brown’s testimony, he quoted Fama as saying, “What the f—. I shot him. I shot him; I can’t bring the guy back. My lawyer’s going to take care of it. I’m going to plead insanity.”

“Cee Cee is a very smart guy,” a law enforcement official said to McAlary. “He reads the papers and then adds in a little bit of hearsay.” Brown became known in 1986 when he testified against Fat Cat Nichols for the execution of his parole officer. He also testified against mobster Fritzy Giovanelli saying that he confessed to him for the killing of Detective Anthony Vendetti. Brown later became known as The Pope of Rikers Island.

During our recent interview, Fama spoke about Brown: “Keep in mind what I’m accused of. Charles Brown is African-American — why would I confess to him for? Who opens up to someone the first day you meet them? Who does that?”

Burns, the prosecutor, said that Brown’s personality is not relevant. “Is Mr. Brown a nice guy?” he said. “No, but, he is a piece. So when you look at it all lined up together, then you have enough or at least it turned out we had enough.”

During the trial, Judge Thaddeus Edgar Owens described to the jurors the theory of acting in concert and described this to them during the deliberation explaining that in an orchestra, the cymbal player although having a small part in the orchestra, he is still acting in concert. This was the theory jurors said they used to finally convict Fama after 11 days of deliberation. The jurors decided that if Fama didn’t have anything to do with the incident, he wouldn’t have been there. Douglas Nadjari, a prosecutor who worked on Stressler’s case, said Judge Owens was the “fairest judge he ever knew.” Owens died in 2007 at age 88.

Fama’s account of what happened that night puts the gun in someone else’s hands. That night, Fama said, he came home from work, dressed, attended a wake then went home to change and met his friends. It was then that he was told something was going to happen on 68th Street and 20th Ave. “All I had I to do was take two steps to my left and I was home,” Fama said in a letter. “Instead I wanted to see what was happening. My parents would always tell me: ‘Your friends are going to get you in trouble one of these days.’ But when you’re young, who is trying to listen to that. I was 18-years-old when this happened, you think you know everything.”

Intersection of 68th Street and 20th Avenue in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Photo: Jen Fiorentino, The Brooklyn Ink

James DiPietro, a Bensonhurst native and defense lawyer for Joseph Serrano, was interviewed by Lynn S. Chancer for her book High-Profile Crimes: When Legal Cases Become Social Causes.  She asked DiPietro about his hometown and he replied: “When I was a teenager and all my friends… would have said, there’s a big fight tonight going on around the corner, I would have probably been on the corner with my friends… Cause when you’re a kid in your teens, that’s a big-time importance … now if I would have heard guns, don’t get me wrong, then I’m home in my basement.”

Fama said he would have taken a lie-detector test but his lawyer said it wouldn’t matter. “Everyone was on the verge of a race war if someone wasn’t convicted of this crime. I was the sacrificed lamb,” Fama said. “What chance did I really have? Everything the D.A. wanted, the judge would allow. If I wanted to present something into evidence, it would be denied.”

DePetris, said he repeatedly challenged the judge about the rulings. ”I was extremely restricted by the judge in terms of putting in my defense,” the lawyer said outside court to the New York Times in 1990.

Fama wanted to present a video of Franklin Tighe recanting his testimony to DePetris, made on May 7, 1990 at 7 p.m. in DePetris’ former office at 150 Broadway. Burns said that the video came up while the trial was in progress and there was a hearing about it since it was a last minute. However, Judge Owens decided that he wasn’t going to allow it in. His reasoning that it was not reliable given the timing of it, he was suspicious of the circumstances under which the video was taken.

In many trials, evidence is not permitted to be put in front of the jury because it is collateral, meaning evidence of another piece of evidence. Burns followed up saying that there’s a rule that says extrinsic evidence on a collateral issue in generally not admissible. “All that means is, you don’t want the jurors to get side tracked, and be lead down a garden path that doesn’t really have anything to do with the issue they have to decide.”

In this case, the judge decided that it was collateral.

In an affidavit filed in court on July 10, 1997, Tighe stated that he wishes to recant his entire testimony because he felt testified falsely. “I testified wrongfully and untruthfully and because of my actions I feel I sent Joseph Fama to prison for a crime that he didn’t commit,” the affidavit read. He continued to say that he was not present at the time of the shooting at 69th Street and that he never saw Fama shoot anyone. He went on saying that he provided a video tape in 1990 that will further support his affidavit. Tighe finished by saying that he wanted to “right that wrong.”

Burns said Tighe was a strong point in the case.

“I just think that the facts of the case really helped us,” he said. “I think that when you have a case that jurors want to do the right thing, they really do. And if you can help them find a way to get there, if you can give them enough evidence to get there, then they are going to go there. This was obviously a major event, and I think it really mattered to them.”

For his part, Fama continues to echo the words of his lawyer, DePetris, in 1990: ”Yes, the death of Yusuf Hawkins was a tragedy.Yes, whoever shot, and whoever the prosecution proves shot, Yusuf Hawkins should be punished. Your focus is whether they have proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Joseph Fama was involved in it.”

When asked by the Brooklyn Ink what he would say to Diane Hawkins, Yusef’s mother, Fama wrote, “ I am truly sorry for your loss. If I can change anything, I would in a minute. I can’t possibly know what you are going through.” He continued, “I hope one day you can find it in your heart to forgive me if you feel I have caused this heartache. I am truly sorry for everything that has happened.

He underlined the words “if you feel.”

Fama is in the Assessment and Program Preparation Unit. According the N.Y. State Department of Correctional Services , the APPU “is a program for inmates in need of protective custody in the system or who may be prone to victimization because of the nature of their crime.” The APPU has 258 beds at the Clinton Correctional Facility.

Since being in jail, Fama has received his G.E.D and many certificates including Aggression Replacement Training, Inmate Program Associate, HIV/AIDS Peer Educator Training and a Department of Labor Apprenticeship Training. He was a teaching aide for five years and is a certified paralegal. Fama has completed all of his required programs in this unit. In 2002, he was placed on the waiting list to become a porter. His first porter job was feeding convicts that were locked up from disciplinary infractions. Then he was a painter. “I don’t do it for the money,” Fama said in one of his last letters. He does it to break up his time and get away from everyone.

Lives were changed forever on the night Hawkins was murdered. Damon Fleming, a close friend to Hawkins, told the New York Times in 1990 that the jury had ”no other choice but to return a guilty verdict. Yusef was one of my best friends and I wish I could somehow let Bensonhurst know what I lost when they killed him, he said.”

Hawkins is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Brooklyn.

Grave of Yusuf Hawkins in the Evergreen Cemetery in Brooklyn, N.Y. Photo: Jen Fiorentino, The Brooklyn Ink

Fama explained that he thinks of that night everyday. “The past is the past. I live with it every single day,” he wrote. “There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of that night. If I could change anything, I would of [sic] never went to 68th or 69th street to be part of something that I knew nothing about that night. If I would have known what was going on that night, I would have tried to stop it.”

Fama said he believes the truth will set him free and clear his name. He is eligible for parole in April 2022.

Yusuf K. Hawkins was born on March 19, 1973. He is survived by his mother, Diane Hawkins, and two brother Freddie and Amir.  His father Moses Stewart passed away in 2003.

According to People, Hawkins maintained an 85 average and received awards in elementary school, junior high school. His mother told People in 1990 that he wanted to be a technical engineer. Hawkins was planning to attend Transit Tech, a vocational high school in East New York.

Bensonhurst, Fama, Hawkins

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Corrupted by Beverly Sommers333
Someone to Turn To by Marilyn Cunningham334
Loving Lies by Ann Williams335
Dream Chasers by Mary Anne Wilson336
Runaway by Emilie Richards337
Not Without Honor (Silhouette Intimate Moments) by Marilyn Pappano338
Iguana Bay by Theresa Weir339
Forever My Love by Heather Graham Pozzessere340
The Way Back Home by Emilie Richards341
In Safekeeping by Naomi Horton343
A Lasting Promise by Paula Detmer Riggs344
Broken Blossom by Jennifer Greene345
Sheep's Clothing by Kate Bradley346
Through the Looking Glass by Joyce McGill347
The Best of Friends by Alexandra Sellers348
Duncan's Bride by Linda Howard349
Brady's Law by Mary Anne Wilson350
Lightning Strikes by Kathleen Korbel351
Wedding Bell Blues by Heather Graham352
Moonlight and Lace by Linda Turner354
Enchanted Circle by Marilyn Cunningham355
The Dragon's Lair by Lee Magner356
Fugitive by Emilie Richards357
Haunted by the Past by Ann Williams358
Man To Believe In (Silhouette Intimate Moments) by Nikki Benjamin359
One Sweet Sin by Linda Shaw360
Lord of the Desert by Barbara Faith361
Blue Ice by Marilyn Tracy362
Safe Haven by Marilyn Pappano363
Forgotten Dream by Paula Detmer Riggs364
Night Shift by Nora Roberts365
The Twilight Prince by Sibylle Garrett366
Land of Enchantment by Catherine Palmer367
A Loving Touch by Joyce McGill368
L.A. Heat by Rebecca Daniels369
An Officer and a Gentleman by Rachel Lee370
Hunter's Way by Justine Davis371
Dangerous Bargain by Kathryn Stewart372
Night Shadow by Nora Roberts373
Child of Mine by Mary Anne Wilson374
Simple Truth by Sandy Steen375
Heart and Soul by Lynn Bartlett376
The Baby Bargain by Dallas Schulze377
The Road to Forever by Frances Williams378
In the Line of Duty (Here Comes the Grooms) by Doreen Roberts379
Summer Heat by Jeanne Stephens380
Dangerous Man by Marilyn Pappano381
Stolen Dreams by Lee Magner382
Shared Ground by Marion Smith Collins383
What Lindsey Knew by Ann Williams384
Salt of the Earth by Kristin James385
Snowfire by Heather Graham Pozzessere386
Echoes of the Garden by Marilyn Tracy387
The Haviland Touch by Kay Hooper388
Caught in the Act by Maura Seger389
Cade Boudreau's Revenge by Lindsay Longford390
Loose Ends by Justine Davis391
Strangers When We Meet by Suzanne Carey392
The Letter of the Law by Kristin James393
Serious Risks by Rachel Lee394
Maybe This Time by Dee Holmes395
A Rose for Maggie by Kathleen Korbel396
Suzanna's Surrender by Nora Roberts397
Silent Impact by Paula Detmer Riggs398
Too Good to Forget by Marilyn Tracy399
A Risk Worth Taking by Judith Duncan400
Desert Shadows by Emilie Richards401
Stevie's Chase by Justine Davis402
Forbidden by Catherine Palmer403
Sir Flynn and Lady Constance by Maura Seger404
Probable Cause (Silhouette Intimate Moments) by Marilyn Pappano405
The Man Next Door by Alexandra Sellers406
Taking Sides by Lucy Hamilton407
Angel on My Shoulder by Ann Williams408
Twilight Shadows by Emilie Richards409
Nowhere to Run by Mary Anne Wilson410
Long White Cloud by Marilyn Cunningham411
Bad Moon Rising by Kathleen Eagle412
Jake's Way by Kathleen Korbel413
Everything but Marriage by Dallas Schulze414
Flamingo Moon (Silhouette Intimate Moments, No. 415) by Ann Evans415
Hatfield And Mccoy (Silhouette Intimate Moments) by Heather Graham Pozzessere416
Wolf and the Angel by Kathleen Creighton417
Pink Topaz by Jennifer Greene418
The Farrell Marriage by Dee Holmes419
Song of the Morning Dove by Lee Magner420
Better Than Before by Judith Duncan421
Broken Wings by Doreen Roberts422
Suspicion's Gate by Justine Davis423
Operation Homefront by Marilyn Pappano424
Dangerous Stranger by Naomi Horton425
Weeping Grass by Catherine Palmer426
No Place to Run by Marilyn Tracy427
To Each His Own by Kathleen Eagle428
Now You See Him... by Anne Stuart429
Defying Gravity by Rachel Lee430
L.A. Midnight by Rebecca Daniels431
The Matador by Barbara Faith432
Unfinished Business by Nora Roberts433
Wake to Darkness by Blythe Stephens434
True to the Fire by Suzanne Carey435
Without Warning by Ann Williams436
Somebody's Lady by Marilyn Pappano437
Echoes of Roses by Mary Anne Wilson438
Whose Child Is This? by Sally Tyler Hayes439
Paroled! by Paula Detmer Riggs440
Unforgivable (Silhouette Intimate Moments No. 441) (Silhouette Intimate Moments, No 7441) by Joyce McGill441
The Road to Freedom by Doreen Roberts442
Wild at Heart by Joanna Marks443
Cool Under Fire by Justine Davis444
Mackenzie's Mission by Linda Howard445
13 Royal Street by Peggy Webb447
The Love of Dugan Magee by Linda Turner448
Exile's End by Rachel Lee449
Mistress of Magic by Heather Graham Pozzessere450
Black Tree Moon by Kathleen Eagle451
Baby Magic by Marion Smith Collins452
This Side of Heaven by Beverly Barton453
Kidnapped by Josephine CarltonSilhouette Star Premiere - 454
Shadows on Satin by Frances Williams455
From a Distance by Emilie Richards456
A Walk on the Wild Side by Kathleen Korbel457
Indian Summer by Linda Shaw458
Run to the Moon by Sandy Steen459
Wade Conner's Revenge by Julia Quinn460
Red Hot by Catherine Palmer461
The Hell-Raiser by Dallas Schulze462
Cherokee Thunder (Silhouette Intimate Moments, No 463) by Rachel Lee463
Castle of Dreams by Maura Seger464
Without Price by Dee Holmes465
Walking After Midnight by Alicia Scott466
Fog City by Rebecca Daniels467
Shades of Wyoming by Ann Williams468
No Retreat by Marilyn Pappano469
Summers Past by Laurey Bright470
Secrets of Magnolia House by Allyson Ryan471
Two For the Road by Mary Anne Wilson472
Heat of the Moment (Silhouette Intimate Moments, No. 473) by Joanna Marks473
Race Against Time by Justine Davis474
In a Stranger's Eye by Doreen Roberts475
Desperate Choices by Sibylle Garrett476
Winter Beach by Terese Ramin477
Deep in the Heart by Elley Crain478
Fundamental Things Apply by Marilyn Tracy479
Diamond Willow by Kathleen Eagle480
Firebrand by Paula Detmer Riggs481
Miss Emmaline and the Archangel (Conard County) (Silhouette Intimate Moments, No. 482) by Rachel Lee482
Man with a Mission by Suzanne Barclay483
Exception to the Rule by Raine Hollister484
Dixon's Bluff by Sally Tyler Hayes485
Memories of Laura by Marilyn Pappano486
Cold, Cold Heart by Ann Williams487
Obsessed! by Amanda Stevens488
Two Against the World by Mary Anne Wilson489
Sheriff's Lady by Dani Criss490
Still Married by Diana Whitney491
Man of the Hour by Maura Seger492
Quinn Eisley's War by Patricia Gardner Evans493
Ironheart by Rachel Lee494
Take Back the Night by Dee Holmes495
Holding Out for a Hero by Marie Ferrarella496
To Hold an Eagle by Justine Davis497
Somewhere Out There by Emilie Richards498
Between Roc and a Hard Place by Heather Graham Pozzessere499
Secondhand Husband by Dallas Schulze500
Heroes Great and Small by Marie Ferrarella501
Cloud Man by Barbara Faith502
Chasing Destiny (Silhouette Intimate Moments, No 503) by Cathryn Clare503
Edge of Darkness by Debbie Bryce504
Hell on Wheels by Naomi Horton505
Target of Opportunity by Justine Davis506
Standoff by Lee Magner507
Passion's Verdict by Frances Williams508
A Child is Waiting by Christine D'Angelo509
MIND READER by Vicki Hinze510
Dragonslayer by Emilie Richards511
Sweet Annie's Pass (Silhouette Intimate Moments, No 512) by Marilyn Pappano512
Only a Dream Away by Doreen Roberts513
Fire on the Mountain by Marion Smith Collins514
Paladin's Woman by Beverly Barton515
Bride on the Run by Leann Harris516
One Last Chance by Justine Davis517
Eleanora's Ghost by Suzanne Carey518
Restless Wind by Nikki Benjamin519
Prince Conor by Maura Seger520
Ryan Blake's Revenge by Clara Wimberly521
Reckless Angel by Maggie Shayne522
Gable's Lady by Linda Turner523
Once Upon a Wedding by Paula Detmer Riggs524
The Trouble With Andrew (Silhouette Intimate Moments, No 525) by Heather Graham Pozzessere525
Sullivan's Miracle by Lindsay Longford526
On the Edge by Marilyn Cunningham527
McLain's Law by Kylie BrantSilhouette Star Premiere - 528
Nightshade (Silhouette Intimate Moments, 529) by Nora Roberts529
Midnight Stranger by Diana Whitney530
One of the Good Guys by Carla Cassidy531
Extreme Justice by Marilyn Tracy532
New Year's Resolution by Elley Crain533
His Other Mother by Suzette Vann534
Lost Warriors (American Hero, Conard County) (Silhouette Intimate Moments #535) by Rachel Lee535
Beyond All Reason by Judith Duncan536
Daughter of the Dawn by Christine Flynn537
Christmas Every Day (Silhouette Intimate Moments No. 538) (Silhouette Intimate Moments, No 738) by Marie Ferrarella538
Gentleman and A Scholar by Alexandra Sellers539
Birthright by Julia Quinn540
Cuts Both Ways by Dee Holmes541
Finally a Father (Romantic Traditions) (Silhouette Intimate Moments No 542) by Marilyn Pappano542
Born to Be Bad by Naomi Horton543
Midnight Man by Barbara Faith544
Sterling Advice by Sandy Steen545
Shadow's Flame by Alicia Scott546
A Wanted Man by Kathleen Creighton547
No Easy Way Out by Paula Detmer Riggs548
Days Gone By by Sally Tyler Hayes549
Uncertain Angels by Kim Cates550
For the Love of a Child by Catherine Palmer551
Rancher's Choice by Kylie Brant552
Cooper by Linda Turner553
Tempting Faith by Susan Mallery554
Wicked Secrets by Justine Davis555
Banished by Lee Magner556
Lover and Deceiver by Beverly Barton557
Sun And Shadow (Silhouette Intimate Moments) by Cathryn Clare558
Keeper by Patricia Gardner Evans559
Try To Remember by Carla Cassidy560
Full of Surprises by Maura Seger561
Stranger in Town by Laura Parker562
Lawyers, Guns and Money by Rebecca Daniels563
Hard Evidence by Laurie Walker564
Michael's Father by Dallas Schulze565
Point of No Return (Conard County) (Silhouette Intimate Moments # 566) by Rachel Lee566
Where There's Smoke by Doreen Roberts567
Miranda's Viking by Maggie Shayne568
Suspect (Silhouette Intimate Moments #569) (Castle-McCullough, Book #1) by Jo Leigh569
True Blue by Ingrid Weaver570
Simple Gifts by Kathleen Korbel


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