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Urdu Wikipedia (Urdu: اردو ویکیپیڈیا‬‎), started in January 2004, is the Urdu language edition of Wikipedia, a free, open-content encyclopedia. As of 23 October 2017, it had 124,742 articles.[1][2][3]


Wikipedia started being multilingual in May 2001. As of December 2007, Wikipedia had approximately 9.25 million articles in 253 languages. The original site address for Urdu Wikipedia was and all pages were written in the Latin alphabet, as the software did not work with Urdu characters.[citation needed]

At first, Urdu Wikipedia faced technical problems with the Urdu script font, but now this matter is mostly settled; some unsolved areas remain. Urdu is written in Perso-Arabic script, a right-to-left writing system. As a result, users sometimes need to configure their operating systems and web browsers accordingly.

Currently Urdu Wikipedia uses "Urdu Naskh Asiatype" font, which was introduced and is freely distributed by BBC at BBC Urdu Service website.[4] The font is primarily used for article bodies and headings. Urdu variation of Times New Roman is used for navigation links. Both of these fonts are variations of Naskh style.

Some Pakistani variations of complex Nasta'liq script are also supported only as a secondary choice in class definitions of CSS, i.e. if default font is not found on client system, then Nasta'liq script is used.

The translation of the Wikipedia interface and project information pages into Urdu is still in progress. Some pages about how to edit have been translated.


24 April 201450,000
12 August 201575,000
29 December 2015100,000


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