Philippine Tourism Research Paper

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This study explores tourism in the Philippines. It first examines the history, current development and problems of the tourism industry. Second, it examines nature –related tourism on Luzon Island. This study looks at nature-related tourism operations based on three perspectives: the resource managers, the operators and the visitors. A model developed by Bottrill and Pearce in British Columbia which focuses on these three perspectives is applied to the six case study areas in this study. The majority of the case study areas are popular tourist destinations on Luzon Island and are within the priority sites for more tourism development. Four of the case study areas are established national parks and the other two are on public land. A variety of research methods were used in this research. Interviews were conducted with resource managers. Questionnaire surveys were conducted with operators and visitors at each of the six case study areas. An archival search was conducted to support the primary data collected through interviews and questionnaire surveys. Resource managers interviewed in this study recognised the benefits and costs of tourism in the Philippines. They also acknowledged the problems and the opportunities for development of the tourism industry. Tourism can bring many benefits, however, the resources on which it depends should be protected in order to sustain it. With regard to nature-related tourism activities in the six case study areas on Luzon Island, I found that they could not be classified as ecotourism. The majority of the operations are undertaken within protected areas and the majority of the operators practised sensitive management. However, the operations lack an education component for them to be classified as ecotourism. Education is an essential element of an ecotourism operation as ecotourism is viewed to provide learning experiences to visitors while providing benefits for the conservation of resources and the local people.[Show full abstract]

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