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LAW 531 Business Law Week Six Business Forms and Governance • Compare and contrast the legal forms of business. • Analyze who Sarbanes-Oxley applies to and how it applies. • Design plans for managing the legal liability of officers and directors. Course Assignments 1. Readings • Read Ch. 2 of Business: Its Legal, Ethical, and Global Environment. • Read Ch. 9 of Business: Its Legal, Ethical, and Global Environment . • Read Ch. 21 of Business: Its Legal, Ethical, and Global Environment . • Read Appendix K of Business: Its Legal, Ethical, and Global Environment . • Read materials in the Course Materials forum. • Read this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings. 2. Discussion Questions • Select an industry in the U.S. economy, such as a medical practice, an insurance agency, or a supermarket. What organization would be best suited for that industry? Address factors such as ease of formation, ability to raise capital, limits on owner liabilities, and other considerations. • What organizations are subject to Sarbanes-Oxley? What provisions affect these organizations most? How could Sarbanes-Oxley requirements drive a business to become de-listed from stock exchanges and no longer operate as a publicly traded company? How do other regulations similar to Sarbanes-Oxley apply to government entities or other organizations not regulated by Sarbanes-Oxley? 3. Individual Assignment: Corporate Compliance Plan • Resource: Riordan Manufacturing • Create a Corporate Compliance Plan of no more than 10 pages for Riordan. The plan must synthesize your learning and apply legal principles of business management. Focus your plan on managing the legal liabilities of Riordan officers and directors. • Address the following in your plan: o ADR o Enterprise and product liability o International law o Tangible and intellectual property o Legal forms of business o Governance • Create your plan as if you were distributing it to officers and directors. • Outline prevention and management guidelines of aspects listed above. Use previous individual assignments to bring insight to this project. • Implement enterprise risk management based on Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) recommendations, which may structure your plan. Incorporate key concepts from your readings as needed. Page 14

Similar to the other courses, LAW/531 Business Law course also helps you to fetch three University credits from the University Of Phoenix (UOP). This course helps you to learn and understand the application of the Business Laws in the company. Like other classes, this course also runs for six weeks that has different learning objectives. This course requires you to work on a reflection paper, learning team activities, exams, and quizzes. Our UOP Assignment helpteam offers support during the entire coursework and all the related assignments.

Learning Objectives and Assignments of each week

  • Week 1: Legal Form of Business and Alternative Dispute Resolution: This is an introductory week that presents an overview of the Legal system that is entailed in a business. You are expected to complete a knowledge check quiz, participation “SUBSTANTIVE” posts, and a reflection paper as per the memo on a business dispute filed at a federal level. Assume that you are writing a "white paper" for your employer who needs to know the processing of a case that you have chosen at the various phases of the legal procedure in the federal court system.
  • Week 2: Torts: This week expects you to complete a worksheet with several business forms by using IRAC method for case study analysis. You need to select a legal case concerning from the current events that occurred within the previous two years relevant to the objectives of this week.
  • Week 3: Contracts and Property Law: This week needs you to adopt the IRAC method of case study analysis where you need to choose one legal case pertaining to the current event which has been occurred within the previous 2 years in order to make differentiation between the real, personal and intellectual property issues.
  • Week 4: Employment law: This week needs you to work on a paper for management simulation and Contract Creation and. You are also required to complete a Learning Team reflection paper for this week while briefing according to the IRAC.
  • Week 5: Regulatory Risk and Governance: This week requires you to complete a simulation where you will be given a scenario that involves discrimination in the workplace and some other related legal issues. Moreover, you need to complete a Learning Team Reflection for IRAC Case analysis of Week 5.
  • Week 6: Legal Issues in Global Economy: You will be required to complete a LAW/531 Final examination and a week 6 IRAC Case analysis Learning Team reflection.

This course holds a lot of importance in order to get your MBA degree. While operating in an organization, we come across several different situations where we need to take several legal actions to handle the disputes that may arise during the employment. This course provides you several opportunities to understand the problem of employee discriminations and disputes between the management and the workers. This course relates you with previous- HRM/531 Course.

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