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Two modern mediums and soul healers  

We normally only write about people in our website that had a personal relation to Tom Johanson, Coral Polge or Yolanda Betegh, because we prefer to stay away from the worldwide business of esoteric philosophies, religious sects and mystical empowerment systems that are all over the planet available and mostly confusing people. However, after editing and writing this web site for so many years, I feel it is truly time for an exception. And here it comes...

I'd like to  personally (and highly) recommend two spiritual people who I came across first time this month - they really touched my heart and uplifted my mind - both excellent spiritual channelling mediums and dedicated, compassionate, loving soul healers. Story Waters and Lee Harris are two very unique and genuine young mediums who are based in Brighton/England and work in the UK, Germany, New York and California. Their spirit-based philosophy and their very simple, practical, down-to-earth approach to high forms of truth would have been surely a pleasure to listen to for Tom, Coral and Yolanda who were always looking for more simplicity and a modern understanding of spiritual truth beyond the boundaries of religions and belief systems.Story Waters and Lee Harris work largely through all means of modern communication: Internet, You Tube Video Channels, live video streams, but also through books, DVDs and (remarkably inexpensive) intensive workshops and seminars. And what they have to say is well worth listening. Their philosophy is both deeply spiritual, heart-warming and soul healing - it offers the most honest, unconditional and simple way to understand yourself, your life and your creative potential that allows you to create and change whatever you wish. It all reminded me often of Coral Polge's philosophy - or Tom's or the Dalai Lama's and the thoughts of many other spiritual explorers. They don't try to play the (still popular) old Guru game and don't offer new ways of worship to whatever master or message - instead they give you the key to help yourself and to heal your mind and soul through your own inner self in the quickest, most modern and most direct way. I was stunned about their intensity, their intelligence, their humour and their practical wisdom. They are not only gifted and compassionate psychics, they are also great mind therapists and very nice, intelligent and and loveable people - like friends from next door. 

Story and Lee simply want to remind us all of some basic and essential truth that is very useful and practical as food for the mind in these times of change through which the world is currently going (if you have any doubts, just switch on the TV news). Their message and approach is clear, true, intelligent and straight forward. No strings attached, no membership required. They leave it to you, what you take from them or what you like to disregard. "Take what resonates and leave the rest" is the motto of their work. To give you a first idea of their approach and philosophy I am including a one page document from their web site here: "The meaning of life in 700 words". For our German readers I have included a German translation: Der Sinn des Lebens in 700 Worten. 

I can truly say that no one has inspired me lately as much as Lee Harris and Story Waters since Coral, Tom and the Dalai Lama. I visited a one day intensive seminar in Brighton and feel amazingly uplifted since. It was pleasantly free of any trace of the popular new age-business and the deepest, most joyous and most healing experience for mind and soul that I personally ever felt since Tom and Coral have passed. It does not conflict with the truth of any religion, it is beyond religion or faith. It simply works. They are great fun to discover and a fresh breeze for body, mind and soul. They made my mind deeply relax, my spirit dance and my soul sing.

Download here as a PDF document

The Meaning Of Life In 700 Words 

by Story Waters (English) courtesy

Der Sinn des Lebens in 700 Worten 

von Story Waters (Original plus German Translation)

Video Channel

Invitation 2 remember

is their You Tube-Video Channel - from there everyone can freely watch and download over 30 video clips (each 5-10 Min.) They speak about a variety of subjects - there is something for everyone in it. Its title shows another facet of their approach. They don't claim to bring us another   sensational new truth, but what they say is wise, simple and practicable. They just keep gently reminding us of the wisdom and knowledge that our own higher self always had ready deeply inside of us - our God within who speaks through our heart. So why please don't we start using it actually - if we all have it since the beginning of time...?

What Water Means to You…in just Six Words

By Christina Catanese

I swear that pesky word counter at the bottom of my screen is mocking me.  My wordiness seems to get me in trouble, and my word count is always higher than I want it to be.  700 words when I need it to be 500.  253 when it has to be below 250.  100 words when I need it to be…6?

Six words!  How can you say anything in only six words?

It turns out you can say a lot. Believe it or not, there have been short stories and even memoirs written in just six words.

And now, EPA has teamed up with SMITH Magazine to launch the Six Words for the Planet project, where anyone (you!) can submit a six word essay about our planet.

Since this is the Healthy Waters Blog, we’ve obviously got water on our minds, so I and a few of my fellow EPA employees took a crack at writing our own six words… for water.

Water: could I use less? Yes.


Headwaters to Bay, canoe that someday.


Water? Almost everywhere; most, alas, undrinkable.


Water Needs Energy. Energy Needs Water.


Chesapeake and Delaware Bays…Our Legacy.


Water. We can’t live without it.


Burdened mind. River walk. Feeling better.


When the currents are swift, portage.


Everyone deserves clean water. Get involved.


And now it’s your turn!  This Earth Day, take a few minutes to think about what the planet (water or otherwise) means to you, then pen your own six word essay and submit it here.  You might even have your six words featured on EPA websites or social media channels!

Get more information about Six Words for the Planet in this Greenversations Post.

About the Author: Christina Catanese has worked at EPA since 2010, and her work focuses on data analysis and management, GIS mapping and tools, communications, and other tasks that support the work of Regional water programs. Originally from Pittsburgh, Christina has lived in Philadelphia since attending the University of Pennsylvania, where she earned a B.A. in Environmental Studies and Political Science and an M.S. in Applied Geosciences with a Hydrogeology concentration. Trained in dance (ballet, modern, and other styles) from a young age, Christina continues to perform, choreograph and teach in the Philadelphia area.

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